We Provide following Services for in English-Hindi-Gujarati languages
Proof Reading for grammatical, sentence formation errors.

At present we can translate 3 languages English-Hindi-Gujarati vice-a-versa. We provide fast and accurate translations. We can handle all type of documents using our specific domain knowledge. We have a qualified and experienced professional translators as our Team Members who can handle almost all your translation requirements. From small document translations to large projects whether technical, legal, medical, commercial or for marketing we have the cost effective professional solution.
By combining our group of native speaking highly professional translators with experience ranging from 9 years in translation, editing and proofreading, DTP, subtitling, interpretation. We are defined by the excellence of the services we offer, the fulfillment of deadlines and objectives agreed upon, and the strictest confidence regarding the handling of information.

Multilingual Voice-Over Services

Your search for localization partner who can assist you with multilingual voice over services ends here. Arham offers professional voiceover service in English-Hindi-Gujarati languages. We cater complete voice production for a variety of mediums. We provide voice over almost in any compatible format.


We do believe that Interpreting requires that one pay attention carefully, understand what is communicated in both languages, and express thoughts and ideas clearly. Strong research and analytical skills, mental dexterity, and an exceptional memory also are important.

There are two modes of interpreting: simultaneous, and consecutive. Simultaneous interpreting requires interpreters to listen and speak at the same time someone is speaking. Ideally, simultaneous interpreters should be so familiar with a subject that they are able to anticipate the end of the speaker's sentence. Because they need a high degree of concentration, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, with each interpreting for 20-minute to 30-minute periods.

In contrast to the immediacy of simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting begins only after the speaker has verbalized a group of words or sentences. Consecutive interpreters often take notes while listening to the speakers, so they must develop some type of note-taking or shorthand system. This form of interpreting is used most often for person-to-person communication, during which the interpreter is positioned near both parties.

We accompany foreign visitors visiting in any part of Gujarat, India to ensure that they are able to communicate during their stay. We are specialists interpret on a variety of subjects, both on an informal basis and on a professional level. Most of our interpreting is consecutive, and work is generally shared by two interpreters when the assignment requires more than an 8-hour day. Frequent travel, often for days or weeks at a time, is common.